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     When I started working with Suresh, I had a vague idea about where it would take me. I was lost. I had retreated from a strong career in Project Management. I wanted to build synergy from my achievements so I could regroup and go after my next job with vigor and energy.

     I couldn’t find a career mentor who could customize a program to develop my career. I did not want to just chase a PMP certification. I wanted a holistic approach to improve my career.

     I needed strong career guidance so I could improve my profile and deliver results to an organization in a confident way.

     When working with Suresh, I wanted to learn better ways to approach my career. I wanted to discover more about how I solve business problems and how I could do it better and faster.

     When you work with any mentor, you expect to find advice. You always worry if the mentor will give time to listening. Suresh takes the time to listen. That makes a difference.

     I had limited time to spend with a mentor because of other commitments. I wanted the most value from the shortest investment in time.

     Most people don’t understand that they can really transform their career and life with mentorship. I believe in it. That’s what got me this far in my career.

     Suresh delivered above and beyond what I expected. Just in a short time, he revamped my resume in a way that completely boosted my confidence. I was elated. I realized this was the tip of the iceberg.

     With a step-by-step procedure to improve my profile, Suresh showed me how to think about presenting myself in an executive environment.

     Within a week of joining Suresh’s Achieve Career Goals program, I got a top level PMO job.

     I couldn’t be happier. I continue to work with him to advance my career. I can assure anyone in project management to start working with Suresh right away. I’d say this investment in the Achieve Career Goals program will pay you big time in the future. Just jump in. There’s no risk. And you just can’t go wrong. Look at what I’ve been able to do. That’s proof this program works.

- Sydoni Y., Sr. Director, Program Management and Client Services, Conduent