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  • Coaching Your Key Managers

    We will provide context coaching for your key managers in 6 critical areas of your business. It will prepare them to answer the survey so we can measure the starting point of your organization.

  • Evaluating Your Organization

    With feedback from your employees, we will evaluate the status of your organization and measure your business performance in the current market

  • Build Actions and Develop KPIs

    We will build actions in the 6 critical areas of your business. Then we will develop KPIs we will use to measure the status of your business growth and productivity.

What people say

I believe Suresh has contributed a lot to our work to improve project management skills. This goes for his work for the global division and also for me locally where his very precise and thoughtful way of dealing with project manager candidates was remarkably good and helpful for our local organization.

- Arne Sveen, ABB

Suresh has organized the global Project Manager Certification program. He has supported us in achieving the global targets. He had to convince us with the strategy behind and he did this actively and successfully.

- Rainer Brauksiepe, ABB

Suresh is a hard worker with focus on getting all the details right without losing his eyes on the end goals. He is also very ambitious in his search for new knowledge and ways to apply them in his every day work. With this attitude he enriches life at work both for himself and the people that he interacts with.

- Tomas Lindqvist, Q-TAGG R&D AB