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business management certificate
  • How a business unit manager could steer his team in arriving at best decisions on synergistic work
  • How a business unit manager could drive his team so they practically serve their market needs
  • How a business unit manager could accelerate results using just 3 top goals
  • How a business unit manager needs to persistently follow through on programs
  • And much more in earning a business management certificate...
business management certificate

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How does the Business Unit Manager program work?

The business unit manager program is packed with ideas to create a specific background for you so you can aim for the business unit manager job. This program is ideal for increasing business value and you’ll get:

  • 6 must-have skills to boost your career and improve salary potential
  • Over 50 practical tips and techniques
  • Special Bonus Section: Finance Ratios
  • And more!

I highly recommend the Business Unit Manager course for anyone having a P&L responsibility or getting ready for a Business Unit Head role. Suresh Iyengar has vast experience in Business Strategy and explains each chapter very well. The quality and content of the course is top notch.

Somesh Chablani

I can’t believe I managed to become a Certified PMO Director™. The program is top notch. I recommend it to anyone who’s looking to give a new turn to his or her career.

Sridhar Parameswaran MS MBA PMP
Level 3 Communications

Before I found the Certified PMO Director, I had looked at other programs, but found they needed too much time commitment. The Certified PMO Director program fit my requirements perfectly. I boosted my project management skills 10x when I took the test. Now, I’ve got my time back, earned practical skills that I can apply right away. Thanks to a great program.

Pooja Mutalik
Conoco Phillips